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Worship starts at 10:45 am. Gatherings for all ages at 9:30 am.

First Free is a congregational church that has an Elder Board to provide directional leadership, along with Deacons and Trustees to aid the work of ministry both spiritually and operationally. We also have other elected or appointed leadership positions.


Our currently elected elders include the following:

Davel Abel (2025)
Dave & his wife Marcia have been attending FF for 50 years. They will celebrate 43 years of marriage on June 2024. They have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren (living in Texas). Dave served as Sunday School Superintendent for 8 years, Youth Leader for 23 years, and served on the Deacon and Elder boards. He is currently a growth group leader and team teaches the "Salt Life " Adult Bible Fellowship class on Sunday mornings. In his spare time, Dave likes to golf, bike ride, and hike.

Bill Deemer (2027)
Bill and his wife, Tammy, began attending FEFC in 1990. They had already been believers for over a decade and at that time had been married for eight years. They were looking for a good, stable church in which to raise their kids. Over time, they became more involved and were at the church building whenever the doors were open! Their children are now adults and they have two grandchildren so far. They are super blessed to have all of their kids living in the Pittsburgh area! They have come to love the people of First Free and have many friendships going back for decades but also enjoy the many opportunities to make new friends! Bill and Tammy tend to make close friendships by serving together with folks. Bill likes to go on trips and go tent camping with his wife. They also enjoy gardening and hiking with their husky mix, Atlas.

Bill Haines (2026)
Bill has attended First Free for the past 28 years. He is married to the love of his life, Lisa Haines. They have 8 children and 14 grandchildren (and counting). Bill works at State Farm Insurance Company. He has handled claims for 30+ years. Bill loves his First Free Family and has served in the Children's Ministry, as a Deacon and Trustee, and in leading small groups. In his free time, Bill loves spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing, cooking, and restoring cars.

Terry Judy (2028)
Terry and his wife Laura have 3 children and have attended First Free since 1987.  He's worn many ministry hats during that time, most recently as ABF teacher, Elder, and Youth Director.  However, he considers his role as Pappy to six grandids his favorite.  Outside of church, Terry can be found with Laura at Pen's games or in Harrisburg sharing life with their family.

Kevin Labby (Lead Pastor)
As our Lead Pastor, Kevin serves on our Board of Elders. He and his wife, Molly, enjoy spending time with their family, reading, visiting national parks, following Buffalo and Pittsburgh sports, hiking, and Pittsburgh's many museums and cultural events.

- Elders are elected to four-year terms. The Lead Pastor serves continuously.

Deacons and Deaconesses

Our Board of Deacons includes:

Russ Breitinger (2027)
Nathaniel Buck (2026)
Pam Eisele (2027)
Kevin McNeil (2025)
Lisa Meilander (2025)
Chuck Page (2028)
Linda Rothey (2028)
Julie Squires (2026)

Deacons and Deaconesses are elected to four-year terms. 


Our Board of Trustees includes:

Marcus Costanza (2028)
Roy Laux (2028) - Chairman
Jesse Fawcett (2026)
Joel Meilander (2025)
Buzz Saxon (2027)

- Trustees are elected to four-year terms.
- The Trustee Board Chairman is affirmed by the GA for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of their term of office.


Jason Bortz (2027)

- The Treasurer is elected to a four-year term.
- The Treasurer is affirmed by the GA for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of their term of office.

Financial Secretary

Laurie Bezeck (2026)

- The Financial Secretary is elected to a four-year term.

Recording Secretary

Ian Zajdel (2025) 

- The Recording Secretary is elected to a four-year term.
- The Recording Secretary is affirmed by the GA for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of their term of office.

Head Usher

Dean Dittmar (2026)

- The Head Usher is elected to a four-year term.
- The Head Usher is affirmed by the GA for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of their term of office.

Nominating Committee

Our Nominating Committee includes:

George Buck (2025)
Sarah Gillingham (2027)
Lisa Haines (2026)
Laura Judy (2025)
Bill Painter (2027)
Brian Rutter (2026)

Nominating Committee Members are elected to three-year terms.

Child Safeguarding Committee

This committee advises our Elder Board on matters of child protection policy, violations of policy, and any allegations of misconduct that may arise. This committee serves both Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry. Any member of this committee can be approached with any questions, concerns, or allegations. The members are:

Cindi Higdon
Alex Ielase, Pastor of Student and Young Adults
Lisa Meilander
Sue Patrick
Carl Pearson