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First Free is a congregational church that has an Elder Board to provide directional leadership, along with Deacons and Trustees to aid the work of ministry both spiritually and operationally. We also have other elected or appointed leadership positions.

Our Elders

Pastor Kevin Labby, Lead Pastor
Pastor Kirk Albrecht, Pastor of Discipleship (2026)
Ed Campbell (2024)
Bill Deemer (2023)
Bill Haines (2026)
Dave Abel (2025) 

Deacons and Deaconesses

Ian Zajdel (2024)
Kevin McNeil (2025)
Russ Breitinger 
Nathaniel Buck
Lisa Meilander (2025)
Theresa Florian (2026)
Linda Rothey
Pam Eisele


Sam Coccia, Chairman (2024)
Bill A. Fawcett (2024)
Buzz Saxon (2027)
Joel Meilander (2025)
Jesse Fawcett (2026) 
Adam Rish, Recording Secretary (2025)
Laurie Bezeck, Financial Secretary (2026)


Jason Bortz, Treasurer (2027)

Head Usher

Dean Dittmar (2026)

Nominating Committee

Rick Tarsala (2024)
Stephanie Zajdel (2024)
George Buck (2025)
Laura Judy (2025)
Lisa Haines (2026)
Brian Rutter (2026) 

Child Safeguarding Committee

This committee advises our Elder Board on matters of child protection policy, violations of policy, and any allegations of misconduct that may arise. This committee serves both Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry. Any member of this committee can be approached with any questions, concerns, or allegations. The members are:

Cindi Higdon
Alex Ielase, Pastor of Student and Young Adults
Lisa Meilander
Sue Patrick
Carl Pearson