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Sermon Resources - February 13, 2022

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Pittsburgh-area bridges, hasn’t it? News of renewed inspections and subsequent closures dominates the headlines. Even our beloved McKeesport is now home to a newly closed bridge. Although it’s a pain and nobody likes detours, I’m personally glad for these inspections. When it comes to bridges, especially in the City of Bridges, we should always be looking to repair and reinforce what is weak and replace what is compromised beyond repair. It keeps us and our neighbors safe. 

The same is true with our faith. We need to pay careful attention to our understanding of its foundations, the basic truths of what it means to become and live as healthy followers of Jesus Christ. We need to inspect our faith’s foundations; repair them; and - if faulty - maybe even replace them. Only when these are strong can we trust them to bear the weight and pressures of life. 

And so, for the past several weeks, we’ve been inspecting our understanding of the foundations of faith. We’ve asked and answered several questions:

  • What makes Christianity different?
  • Why should I believe in God?
  • Why should I care what the Bible says?
  • Where did everything come from?
  • Why does Jesus Christ matter?
  • Why does the Holy Spirit matter?

This morning, we explored the answer to another, exceedingly important, question: What am I being saved from? You can listen to that message on our sermon page if you'd like. 

Also, if you would like to study this question further, here are some resources that might help and encourage you.

Horton, Michael. Putting Amazing Back into Grace: Embracing the Heart of the Gospel

Sproul, R.C. Saved from What?

Sproul, R.C. The Holiness of God