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What is our renovation schedule?

If you're wondering about the timeframe and contractors for our renovation project, here are some pertinent details.

We will begin work on a two-phase renovation project starting January 17, 2022.

Phase 1 will include renovations to our lobby, coffee bar, and children’s restroom area. Estimated time frame: 4 months.

Phase 2 will involve renovations to our auditorium, including pews, carpet, paint, a hallway to gym, and lighting and sound upgrades. Estimated time frame: 2 months.

Our list of contractors:

  • Cajota Contracting and Timbers Building Company will handle the majority of the construction

  • Sauder Worship will update and refinish the pews

  • CZ Sound will handle lighting and sound upgrades

We don’t know exactly how long the auditorium will be closed, and there will most likely be additional inconveniences, so we are asking for everyone’s patience as this project unfolds.

Thank you!