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This Sunday at First Free - November 14, 2021

Forgiving others can be difficult, even seemingly impossible. Time doesn't always make forgiveness easier, either. Old wounds can be the hardest to heal. However, as we said last week, what is difficult, even impossible, for us is neither for God. No healing is impossible for God, no matter how old or deep the wound (Matthew 19:26; Philippians 4:13). ...

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Q&A - Should Christians Be Pacifists?

In this Q&A, we consider Matthew 5:8-42, asking if Christians should be pacifists....

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Sermon - "Philemon: Forgiveness and Freedom, Part 1"

In this message, based on Philemon 1-7, we explore the freedom of forgiveness....

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This Sunday at First Free - November 7, 2021

Forgiving people can be difficult. In some instances, it might seem impossible. Even so, God commands His forgiven people to forgive others (Matthew 6:14; 18:35; Mark 11:25; Luke 17:3,4). Thankfully, what is impossible for us is never impossible for God (Matthew 19:26). His Spirit empowers us to offer authentic forgiveness from the heart. ...

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Sermon - Changed Lives: Pursuing Excellence

In this message, we explore the implications of the so-called "priesthood of all believers" for fulfilling our mission with excellence....

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Sermon - "Changed Lives: Removing Obstacles"

In this message, based on 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, we explore why and how First Free seeks to remove unnecessary obstacles to its mission. ...

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Recommended - Bible Project: The Apostle Paul

On Sunday, September 12, we'll look at the Apostle Paul's pattern of making disciples. In this short video, learn the basics about this preeminent New Testament writer. ...

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Devotional - God Will Never Be Done with You

God's most significant work in you and through you might be in front of you, not behind you....

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Q&A - What is an apostle? Are there apostles today?

The word "apostle" is a Greek word. It simply means "one who is sent." It carries with it the notion of one sent with special authority, an emissary of sorts. In this post, we consider the Bible's teaching about apostles. ...

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Sermon - "What to Do When You Feel Stuck"

In this message, based on Psalm 142, we consider how to respond when we feel trapped or otherwise "stuck."...

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