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All-or-nothing thinking places tremendous pressure on us, others, and our relationships. Perfection is a beautiful ideal but a cruel taskmaster. Is there a better way to think about life? Yes.

There is hope in overcoming a lifestyle of addiction with the help of fellow believers who have found healing themselves. We can provide the ongoing support needed to bring about meaningful change through a biblical approach to recovery.

You are more secure than you think. Your Father will sustain you and keep you safe. You don't need to inch fearfully through life, waiting for the bottom to fall out. Christ will hold you fast. Walk tall. God is with you - and for you!

We're grateful for Amy's important ministry. We encourage you to learn more about it, uphold her in your prayers, and generously continue the financial partnerships that allow our support of her ministry.

We are excited to welcome Michelle into the role of Awana Coordinator! We are also grateful to Marie, Beth, and the many Children's Ministry volunteers for their continued excellent service to the Children's Ministry.

The early 20th century Princeton theologian J. Gresham Machen said, "The gospel does not abrogate God's law, but makes men love it with all their hearts." Not just law. Not just gospel. Law and gospel - and in that order.

On behalf of our pastors, staff, and very grateful church family, thank you to all those who planned, purchased, cooked, baked, grilled, set up, tore down, and cleaned up!

However, like a farmer who plants crops in the springtime but doesn't see the reward until late summer or even fall, sowing seeds of goodness doesn't always bring immediate reward. It requires endurance.

Our Picnic Team planned a fun, delicious, and memorable church picnic for this Sunday after church! To make the most of our time together, here are two helpful suggestions from the team.

Are you new or newer to First Free? If so, we are so glad to have you here! Of course, we want to get to know you, help you learn more about First Free, and discover your place in our church family. Learn how here!