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FFC2023 - Blog Post - NCC 46

Developed in 2012, the New City Catechism continues the Christian tradition of catechesis - teaching elementary and essential Christian doctrines in a question-answer format. Like its predecessors, the Heidelberg Catechism (my favorite) and the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the New City offers concise answers to worthwhile questions, all fitting for children and adults alike. Unlike these more robust catechisms, the New City limits itself to 52 question-and-answer pairs, one per week, making it a manageable resource for personal or family devotional use.

Establishing a rhythm of daily prayer, Bible reading, and devotions is essential for growing in God's grace as His child. Along with beginning each week with a day of worship and rest, these rudimentary habits help us embrace and experience the intended blessing of what some theologians call the "ordinary means" of God's grace - His appointed means for our continued sanctification (growth in holiness by grace). 

If you're not yet in that rhythm, consider adding these modest goals to your daily (perhaps morning) schedule. Build the habit of praying for a few minutes, reading or listening to a chapter of scripture, and reviewing the week's New City Catechism Q&A. 

Here is this week's New City Catechism Q&A.