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FFC2023 - Blog Post - Advent Readings

Each Sunday of Advent, countless Christian individuals, families, and churches worldwide light one candle, read an appropriate scripture about God's promise of the Messiah, and offer prayers of thanksgiving for God's grace and mercy in Jesus. As each week progresses, an additional candle is lit, deepening the anticipation for the coming celebration of Christmas. It's an enjoyable way to quiet ourselves for a few moments every day, reflecting upon and rejoicing in the good news of Jesus' birth. We've included this devotional guide toward that end!

Monday, December 4 - Genesis 49:10

This passage is one of many Old Testament promises concerning the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It tells us that He will be a King from the Tribe of Judah with an everlasting reign. Reflect on Christ's rule today. How does it comfort you? Pray that God will help you grow in comfort, knowing He ultimately controls everything.