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While we don't know for sure if the Bible mentions dinosaurs, some believe our currently limited understanding of a few ancient Hebrew words leaves open some intriguing possibilities.

The Bible consistently describes unborn children as human persons from conception. In this brief article, we'll note two distinct lines of evidence: inspired testimonies and legal status.

From the Latin Adventus, meaning "coming," Advent is the season of prayerful preparation leading to our celebration of Christ's birth. Here is some information about this season and its observance.

And so, in one sense, the message of Jesus Christ is very narrow. It provides only one way of salvation. However, in another sense, we should remember that Jesus' offer of salvation is limitlessly broad. It's an invitation extended to everyone without distinction.

Does this mean our particular pets will join us in the fullness of God's kingdom? The Bible does not say, and we should avoid too much speculation. Even so, nothing in God's Word necessarily precludes it.