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We can bring hope and healing to others when we think about what we say, choosing to speak what is true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind.

Given the power of words, our speech is often more consequential than we think or imagine. It affects and shapes our spouses in marriage, partners in dating relationships, children and grandchildren, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and beyond.

God's most significant work in you and through you might be in front of you, not behind you. Keep running your race. You never know what's just around the bend.

One day, you'll see things more clearly. You'll see the more incredible picture, the grander design of your life. You'll be more alert and perceptive to God's plans than ever. Keep pressing on. One day, it will all make sense.

When necessary, be prepared to say "Yes!" to God's plans by saying "No!" to others.

In Christ, you have a new position. Connected at the highest levels, you can learn to see yourself in a whole new way - as God sees you.

No matter how discouraging our world's news, we can and should be of good cheer! No person, time, or place is beyond the powerful reach of the greatest news - the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your Father gives good gifts to all of his children, but their form and arrival time aren't always the same. Rest assured: He won't forget you.

Jesus "unplugged" to spend time with His Father. He's freed you to do the same.

Today, you might feel overwhelmed. You might be facing a problem for which there is no readily apparent solution. You might not have the resources to meet your responsibilities. As the disciples confessed their feelings of powerlessness and confusion to Jesus, you can do the same.