Be our guest this Sunday!

Worship starts at 10:45 am. Gatherings for all ages at 9:30 am.

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The word "apostle" is a Greek word. It simply means "one who is sent." It carries the notion of one sent with special authority, an emissary. The New Testament writers employ the word in two senses, one general and another more specific.

Your Father gives good gifts to all of his children, but their form and arrival time aren't always the same. Rest assured: He won't forget you.

Thanks so much for being part of the First Free Church Family. We hope to see you in person this Sunday, but if you can't make it to the church building, join us online - ideally at our church website!

Originally written as a poem, perhaps for the author's mother, we plan to sing the now-cherished hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, this Sunday. Although the lyrics communicate beautiful and powerful truths, we perceive their artistry more vividly against the dark backdrop of their author, Joseph Scriven's, life.

On behalf of our church leadership, thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our church and its mission of guiding people into becoming healthy followers of Jesus Christ.

Here is a brief update on where we are in the Christmas Fest 2023 planning process.

Our November tradition, the "Harvest Home" initiative, continues this year!

Jesus "unplugged" to spend time with His Father. He's freed you to do the same.

Early next year, we will meet to consider any future installments and the form of our Christmas Fest outreach ministry. However, until then, we look forward to planning, promoting, and offering a fun, modified version for our church and community this year!

On behalf of our pastors and other church leaders, thanks to those who planned, served, and attended this year's First Free Women's Conference.

As Your Son, our Savior and Lord, taught us, we pray with burdened hearts for all people, everywhere.

Today, you might feel overwhelmed. You might be facing a problem for which there is no readily apparent solution. You might not have the resources to meet your responsibilities. As the disciples confessed their feelings of powerlessness and confusion to Jesus, you can do the same.

Could God be readying especially dark corners of our world to know the Light of Life? Let our Lord and His glorious gospel be our vision as they were for Patrick.

Does this mean our particular pets will join us in the fullness of God's kingdom? The Bible does not say, and we should avoid too much speculation. Even so, nothing in God's Word necessarily precludes it.

We offer gatherings for all ages before worship on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9:30 am. New to First Free? Don't be afraid to jump right in. We're waiting for you!

When members and friends of First Free devote significant time in prayer, seeking God's gracious will for the peace and prosperity of our church family, the City of McKeesport, our surrounding communities, and the global ministry of the gospel, it promotes God's glory and the common good.

What God has declared you to be is an infinitely greater reality than what you presently appear to be. Don't judge your worth or your potential by mere appearances and outward circumstances.

If you still need to become familiar with this classic hymn, please take a moment to reflect on its lyrics before worship this Sunday. Here is some great information about this song and its author.

None of our children's ministries happen without safe, reliable volunteers who love God and the children entrusted to our care. As parents of children blessed by this ministry, we especially want and need you!

Alongside a warm, energetic ministry team, it's a privilege to welcome you to our site and hopefully begin connecting you to our growing church family. We're so glad you're here.

Only with the Lord's help can we fulfill our mission to guide people into becoming healthy followers of Jesus Christ, generation to generation.

Don't be afraid to take a longer, more patient view of things. Barnabas did, and it made all the difference.